The advantages and application scope of Raymond Mill

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In the mill equipment, the production cost of Raymond mill is the same. The three-dimensional structure saves the production line area and is similar to the design principle of the vertical mill. Raymond mill can form an independent production system from raw material rough machining to transportation to powder and packaging. The difficulty of manual work is low, and the electric system is centralized control to improve the production efficiency. Every hour to achieve 11 tons of finished powder, the screening rate of up to 99%, become a well deserved “milling machine king”.

Raymond Mill’s continuous improvement in its working principle and structure has become the unique advantage of high efficiency, low energy consumption, small footprint, less investment and environmental pollution. The following Mohs hardness of seven, humidity below 6% in a variety of non flammable and explosive minerals, such as gypsum, talc, calcite, limestone, marble, feldspar, dolomite, barite, granite, kaolin, bentonite can be used to Raymond mill closed circuit milling production. In order to meet the user standard of different industries, Raymond mill can control the fineness of finished products between 613 micron ~440 micron (0.613 mm -0.44 mm) by adjusting the parameters of analysis machine and fan.

1. Raymond Mill stereoscopic structure, small area, complete set of strong, from the block to the finished powder is a independent production system.
2. The fineness of the finished powder is uniform and the screening rate is 99%, which is difficult for other grinding equipment.
3. The driving device of the grinding machine adopts the closed gear box and the belt wheel, and the transmission is stable and the operation is reliable.
4. High quality steel is used in all the important parts of Raymond mill. The wear-resistant parts all adopt high performance wear-resistant material. The whole machine has high wear resistance and reliable operation.
5. the electric system adopts centralized control, the grinding mill can basically realize unmanned operation, and the maintenance is convenient.

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