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We are a professional manufacturer of crusher, for coal quarry, we provide an overall high efficiency coal broken line. We designed the coal crushing equipment, designed to meet your requirements for the complete jaw crusher and impact crusher system. The quarry  crusher is mainly aimed at breaking the high moisture content of coal, commonly used for crushing coal gangue or coal. Of course, the coal crusher not only can be used for crushing coal, also can be used for many other materials, such as coal gangue, shale, coal, slag, coal cinder, construction waste and so on. It has been proved that the jaw type crushing machine and impact crusher for crushing coal has been widely used in the coal mining industry, coal processing.

Coal is called for black people, the use of primary sources of energy, now although the importance of coal has been to replace oil, but in the future long period of time, coal reserves is huge, coupled with the new technology of science and technology, such as the rapid development of coal  maturity has been widely used in coal became able to replace one of the sources of energy. In recent years, the coal mining industry in the continuous development, protecting the environment to improve the working efficiency, which is to enhance the coal mining industry has a very good development, we can improve the coal by using the fine crusher, and its ability to smash into different sizes of coal crushing efficiency.

Advantages and characteristics of coal crusher:
1, the coal crusher can crush the material with high water content, without any requirement of water content.

2, low maintenance cost, breaking new gap between the use of mobile technology, make the coal crusher hammer does not need to be changed.

3, the operation is simple, the crusher has a centralized lubrication system, can pay attention to lubrication and even can not stop.