The Amazing Impact of Ninja Turtle Cartoon Artwork on Animation World

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For all those who were born in the late 1970s,, there is one cartoon series that will be unforgettable. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, popularly referred to as just ?Turtles used to be a rage among the younger lot in the 1980s through early 1990s. In fact,Giants Jerseys China, the characters from the series still continue to be popular among children even today. The characters that battle every type of criminal from their home in the storm sewers of New York City caught the imagination of the world like none other.

Excellent production value has made the series iconic. The Turtle cartoon artwork can be said to be the inspiration behind several later cartoon programs that were to follow. The series set a trend which was to be emulated by others later on. The characters appearing in the series have become extremely popular. For example, Raphael is very popular among the young boys. Raphael is the bad boy in the team of turtles who wears a dark red mask. With his Brooklyn accent and aggressive nature, the character has been one of the most popular cartoon characters ever.

Another character that has carved a niche of its own is that of Donatello or Donnie. In fact, you can find the terms Donatello going hand in hand if you were to search over the Internet. A technological genius, Donatello with his purple mask is a character that is counted among the most well thought ones in the history of cartoons.

The popularity of the series naturally led it to being made as movies. Till date four feature films have been made on the turtles. These include, Teenage Mutant Turtles,Canucks’ Kassian suspended 5 regular, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze, Teenage Mutant III and finally the last one titled, TMNT. While the first three were released during the 1990s,Baltimore Ravens Jerseys wholesale, the last name was released worldwide in 2007. There have been reports of further installments of movies on the turtles which are expected to release in the near future.

The popularity of the characters has also given rise to a wealth of merchandise products. Figurines based on the characters are extremely popular among young kids. Then there are the action figures that are popular even today. These action figures come along with play sets, vehicles and other accessories. The turtles have also been immortalized through comic books.

It won��t be wrong to state that the action figure line of has been the most popular among all cartoon series till date. Toys based on the series have generated billions of dollars globally. A lot of video games too are available based on the series these days.