The correct operation steps of the portable crusher plant

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A portable crusher plant refers to a broken process with a lot of equipment, which contains many kinds of equipment. According to the different equipment, portable crusher plant can be divided into a portable jaw crusher plant, a portable impact crusher, a portable cone crusher, no matter which kind of crushing station, only reasonable operation. To enable them to perform better performance, we are here to introduce the correct operation steps of the portable crusher plant.

First of all, we will analyze the advantages of the portable crushing plant, which is mainly in any terrain conditions, can easily reach any position of the site, and can also climb the slope work to meet the requirements of the mine, hydropower, coal and other engineering operations. In the work, it is no longer necessary to transport the material. In addition, the station has high efficiency, less energy consumption and uniform particle size in production, so it has better application.

Secondly, we will analyze the advantages of portable crusher and how to operate it, mainly in the following aspects:

1. when the crusher is working, there is a strict demand for the feeding. If the material exceeds its handling capacity, it affects its efficiency and is accompanied by the damage of the equipment, so in production, the properties of the material must meet the requirements that can be broken, and when working, the broken chamber of the mobile breakage station No iron blocks can enter, otherwise the liner of the crushing chamber may cause the risk of lining wear due to uneven force.

2. in the production of the portable crusher plant, it is necessary to pay attention to the maintenance of the different internal equipment, usually the regular lubrication operation, and then to ensure regular maintenance and so on. The order of the switchgear in the station should be strictly according to the specific requirements.

3. portable crusher plant in the work, will be affected by the weather, so in its production, we should pay attention to rust prevention and the solidification of lubricating oil or the appearance of spontaneous combustion phenomenon, according to the local climate selection of the appropriate type of lubricating oil, to ensure the effect of lubrication.

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