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The improvement history of pf  impact crusher is usually traced back towards the 1850s. With all the improvement on the productive forces, jaw crusher had been unable to completely meet the crushing technology desires, therefore, people designed impact crusher on the basis of jaw crusher.

In 1924, the German first developed single and double rotor impact crusher, and then crusher structure was related to the modern squirrel cage crusher; in 1942, German Andreson summarized the structural qualities and working principle of squirrel cage and invented AP series impact crusher which was similar for the contemporary crusher in structure. Benefited from its somewhat high production efficiency and capacity to handle larger components, as well as its simple structure and easy upkeep, this crusher had been creating swiftly.

You can find pretty comprehensive series of influence pulverizer, in the coarse crushing influence pulverizer and sand generating influence pulverizer, it includes totally of eight series, practically 100 kinds of specifications. Meanwhile, as a way to improve the mobility on the crusher, people today has also created tire and crawler mobile crushing stations, and wheeled crusher is extra well-liked within the Americas, the crawler much more popular in Europe.&

In fact, the development of impact crusher in China is reasonably late; to 50s of last century, China really had impact crusher, so we said the crushing and screening equipment in China mostly were come out in the 1950s. Until the 80s with the last century, our domestic influence pulverizer had been limited to the processing of hard supplies such as coal and limestone. Later, China introduced KHD-type hard rock impact crusher, filling the gaps, but still behind abroad of decades. The breakthrough of wear-resistant components makes the development of impact crusher flourish.