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As for course crushing, greater equipments haven’t been developed to replace traditional jaw crusher in Kenya and rotary crusher at present. Currently, we mainly aim at promoting, developing and improving the wear-resistance of crushers by modern technology to achieve the aim of energy saving, high efficiency, and long service life. There are more new types of crushers in the field of fine crushing. All in all, jaw crusher is used most widely among jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher and roller crusher.

The moving jaw is a much larger part of crushers with complex structure, and the structural design of jaw should depend on the force of moving jaws. Under the conditions of meeting the strength and hardness, the lighter of its weight, the superior. The moving force analysis of your jaw shows that the maximum crushing force moving jaw bearing on the side, the force is getting smaller and smaller. In order to be in line with the conditions of the force, but also to meet the requirements of light weight, variable thickness can be used to strengthen the tendons. That relies on the ribs thickness in the upper (head). The more down, the greater thickness. That is, change the original rectangular reinforcement rib to trapezoidal ribs, as this would reduce the weight in the movable jaw and to ensure that there is sufficient strength. The moving jaw between the two bearing parts of your wall thickness can be moderated to be thinner, in order to reduce weight.

In addition, the research on the rack and the moving jaw Finite Element Method should be strengthened to optimize the design in the moving jaw and the rack to achieve a high degree of reliability and light weight in the rack and moving jaw. Besides, the crushing chamber, crusher dynamic balance, etc., can make use of a computer-optimized design. In short, modern design methods should be used instead with the conventional design method. Furthermore, due to factors such as welding, casting, heat treatment process will impact crusher. So, we should improve the design and manufacturing process level and the use of hydraulic adjustment in the discharge opening and hydraulic insurance gradually so that domestic jaw crusher can achieve the world-class level.

Jaw Crusher In Zimbabwe : http://www.ohiointernationalfund.com/solutions/jaw-crusher-in-zimbabwe.html