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The present sand making technologies mostly involve two kinds: tertiary crushing and rod mill mixture sand producing technologies and vertical shaft effect crusher sand making technologies. These two M Sand Manufacturing Machine solutions have both benefits and disadvantages. Provided this, the researchers propose the argument that users only use vertical shaft impact crusher to grind the really hard rocks into sand, and via the optimization and adjustment of conventional sand generating technologies reasonable selection of vertical shaft crushing equipment, ultimately reach the purpose of generating certified sand. This short article will give a detailed introduction for the analysis on the new sand generating technologies and its characteristics.

As for the artificial sand and stone material production method that’s utilised for processing light and higher corrosive parent rocks, the principle disadvantages of only using vertical shaft impact crusher to manufacture sand lie in uneven solution grading and high fineness modulus of your final sand. In the event the prospects want to properly lessen the fineness modulus on the sand to be able to satisfy the project requirement, they only have to effectively minimize the typical diameter from the sand. According to classic sand making technology, the new technologies tends to make the following adjustment: the portion of coarse sands whose particle granularity ranges from 5mm to 2.5mm are recrushed by way of the fineness modulus adjusting cabin as well as the vertical shaft impact crusher rotating with higher speed, as a result reaching the aim of adjusting the fineness modulus and grading of your final items. As for the selection of crushing gear, it is for the very best to decide on the “stone impacting stone” series vertical shaft effect crusher which adopts the material impacting material crushing principle, therefore significantly reducing the abrasion with the gear caused by the rocks.

The functions from the new sand making technology:

(1) This sand making technology is suitable for difficult rock with higher impacting strength, corrosion and compression strength.

(2) The keys to the new technologies are three. Sand producing technologies: change the rod mill to crushing machine, therefore reducing energy consumption and civil engineering; the choice of crushing equipment: mainly choose the stone-impacting-stone vertical shaft impact crusher to lower the abrasion from the equipment caused by the hard rocks; the fineness modulus adjusting cabin adjusts the fineness modulus with the final sand.

This new sand producing technology can not only satisfy the quality requirement of sand, but simplify the sand generating process, effectively improve the disadvantages of conventional sand producing technologies and significantly improve the sand making efficiency, so that it really is the development direction of sand creating technology in the future.