The Venus Factor Gets Your Alluring Body again without Diet

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The Venus element Gets Your Alluring Body again without Diet

I’m a Man,

I am married to girl and I have 2 kids.

For me, when I touch my wife she must not simply seem like a woman, but feel like woman,!

And for my kids, my wife should sense like “mom” than a “mam!

Why did my wife say that?

Women with low body-fat may not seem bad in photographs, but feel completely terrible in actual life.

Dear amazing girl…

My wife only completed reading John Barban’s Venus Factor guide, a body sculpting class specifically created for girls. The guide differs from most of fat loss concept and the feminine physique anatomy you study/ experienced with or heard.

Have a look at some excerpts in the VenusFactor Guide below. The Venus Factor Gets Your Hot Body Back without Diet

In my experience working with many different girls I have found that a lower body fat limit of approximately 16% – 18% is only most girls will ever need to go and nevertheless maintain a feminine look. Anything below 20% is regarded ‘athletic/elite’ for girls. To contrast this with guys, a body fat % of approx 8-10% would be crucial for a man to be viewed as fit/top-notch. [page 1-5]The Venus Factor Gets Your Hot Body again without Diet

Your target range that is healthful is between 20%-30%. Most of our Venus transformation contest winners reach their greatest figure anywhere between 18%-22%. Your specific best/ most happy / most healthy look will be unique to you. We cannot predict with certainty what your bodyfat % will be when you reach the appearance you are happiest with, but my guess is it’ll be someplace close this variety of 18-22%. This really is important: The goal is not 0 % bodyfat, nor can it be because you think that is the number you should have to reach a pre-determined level of body-fat,. The aim is to create a body you are proud of and love. Mainly likely this will end up somewhere around the range of 18-22% body-fat. [page 16]

When men follow a severely calorie restricted diet they do not have as acute of a drop in Leptin and thus their metabolic rate seems to remain constant throughout the process. Women on the other-hand cannot go super-low on calories so long as they are able to bear it, and just hit it hard. Your Leptin levels will fall dramatically leading to changes that could impede the fat burning process, along with leaving you ravenously hungry and craving carbs. [page 24]The Venus Factor Gets Your Alluring Body again without Diet

Disinhibited eating comes from your belief that there are ‘great’ foods you always need to be eating and ‘bad’ foods you shouldn’t eat. My wife don’t believe in great v/s poor meals and I believe that all foods have their spot in a weight loss program. Research shows us a psychological occurrence that occurs when an individual who believes they have consumed a banned or ‘bad’ food. They go in to a state of’ eating’ where one measure over the forbidden lines results in an all-out feeding frenzy. [page 27]

_shapeThe Venus aspect Diet Plan that is female: Get ready for some shock!

VF is not a fat loss program… it’s kind of “keep your fat and still look magnificent” type… yes, bizarre and unorthodox. Quite simply, you are able to keep 20-30% body fat and can still have ideal feminine form! So there is no meal-by-meal ingesting guide to follow. Whatever you have to do is eat wholesome foods. For the reference 150 page recipe guide is provided with desert, snacks and breakfast, lunch supper. [ no longer provided as a bonus, but marketed to members at discounted price]

I actually took printout of bites and desert area of the recipe information and gave it to my wife to ensure that she can love (mostly me!) these tasty foods!

As I mentioned above, VF’s diet is straightforward – -eat food that is healthful. If you’d like to lose some fat then decrease your calorie intake. Weight loss is impossible without causing calorie deficit.

The Work Out Plan

VF is workout program that is centric. You get ideal VenusIndex physique by following the 12 week workout strategy. Again, these workouts are divided into 3 periods of 30 days. All are “at home” workouts, so you don’t need any expensive gym gear or strange gadgets. A yoga mat, few of dumb-bells and little step-up bench is all you should get that feminine shape that is perfect.

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