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The use of a large number of sand and gravel aggregate has brought about the demand of the third generation of sand making machine, and the construction demand of the project has brought about the wave of the aggregate production of sand and gravel. We have made our own strength for the mining industry. For the majority of owners to solve the problems encountered in the production problems.

Aggregate is gravel, water conservancy project in sand, gravel, stone, stone and other stone unified name. The aggregate size of 5mm, and the coarse aggregate. The aggregate, which is smaller than 5mm, is called; fine aggregate; and we are all called sand. Sand gravel aggregate is the main building materials in water conservancy projects can not be lack of mixed soil and a pile of stone and other construction materials.

The working principle of the third generation of sand making machine is the use of; rock stone; hot stone; raw materials for the. Stones from the inlet into the sand making machine crushing cavity, after sub feeder material is divided into two parts, part from the center of the distributor into high-speed operation of the impeller, and by the impeller a rapid flow of air from the inside of the runner plate to send out, the material is thrown to the Chen broken, is broken stone blacksmith.

The VSI sand making machine is specialized in high – level building, water and electricity, high – speed railway construction, concrete mixing station, etc.. On the basis of experience with many customers, the third generation of sand making machine to the customer’s ability and efficiency, is currently the best production of high quality sand aggregate crushing equipment.