TI introduces the motor drive of supporting integrating power management to

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High American company Microsemi Corporation full of trees Radioprotective radiation-hardened for it The product mix of the solution adds by two sections and is used in spaceflight, commercial aviation and the applied brand-new ultralow pressure drop of national defence Ultra-low dropout, ULDO Some POL linear loads Controller. MHL8701 and MHL8705 controller is the first batch of devices among them, there is an integrated type primary particle effect SEE The filter, prevent the soft error that heavy ion causes that usually appears in the aviation and spaceflight are employed, new controller can also radioactivity-resistant radiation-tolerant with company SoC and FPGA solution shares.
These sealed controllers have spaceflight or military grade, the new device is being produced and shipped to a world-leading space technology company, for the new space bus line framework scheme.

The American high director Durga Peddireddy of department’s market of American company high reliability products full of trees shows: “Beautiful high beautiful professional technique of its over 50 years’ development high reliability components and parts of application again full of trees, offer ” the industry is first ” Used in spaceflight and national defence applied products. We utilize extensive trade knowledge, combine constant products and technological investment, in order to meet customer’s demand, and offer high reliability components and parts and system solution for more quick paces, thus succeed in these fields. ”

Beautiful to obtain logistic office Defense Logistics Agency, national defence of U.S.A., recently in facility of state, Massachusetts of U.S.A., while being American while being full of trees while being high, DLA Laboratory Suitability approve,use for ionization total dose TID , the radiosensitivity of low dosage of strengthening ELDRS And SEE radiates test, accords with MIL-STD-883 norm.

MHL8701 and MHL8705 assembles in MIL-PRF-38534 authorize facilities, and pass U.S.A. high beautiful Hi-Rel Qualification Level MHQLTM full of trees The project carries on quality certification, in order to meet voltage sensor spaceflight and military requirement. According to 1019 methods, these devices have already reached the radiance of 300 Krad TID, ELDRS reaches 100 Krad rated value, and carry on the primary particle test according to ASTM 1192F.

Product information

MHL8701 and MHL8705 device can make operation in 5V or 3.3V input voltage after optimization, has 3A and 5A rated current respectively, and offer 400mV ultralow pressure drop under 2A, soft data mistake that may be caused while preventing usually happening at the ground level and dropping from the voltage transducer air and employing with an integrated type SEE filter by subatomic radiating particle.

Key feature:

-SEE test reaches 85 megaelectron-volts MeV ,There is no latch

-ELDRS test reaches 100 Krad, the characteristic of supplying power </- 5%

-The down voltage of super-low-voltage: 400mV @ 2.0A

-The thermal resistance of maximum: 3.0 degrees C/ W

-DLA standard little circuitous pattern SMD in the course Authentication

The beautiful high American brand-new controller full of trees is very suitable for the spaceflight amount radioactivity-resistant RTAX-S/SL/DSP, RTSX-SU and RT-ProASIC3 FPGA with the company to share, the new controller can usually offer FPGA all required kernels and I/O voltage. And these FPGA devices are employed and design for the spaceflight specially, it is non-volatile against thermal link and flashing memory technology to use the high reliability one, they are usually up to the systematic door of 4 million equivalences and 840 pieces of user I/O density, offer the flexible programmable platform to designer.

All the time, beautiful to offer for spaceflight and national defence trade over 50 years such as components and parts such as high reliability while being American while being full of trees while being high, its radioprotective and radioactivity-resistant product mix includes: FPGA, SoC FPGA, ASIC, POL converter, DC-DC converter, voltage regulator linearity and switch , RF components and parts, bipolar transistor, MOSFET and gallium nitride GaN Products. The great majority in these products have obtained DLA to authorize, accord with MIL-PRF- 19500 and MIL-PRF- 38534 quality requirement.