TIFF 2013 Daniel Radcliffe is as dapper as Draper as Toronto hosts a boys

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Celebrities! they’re not just like us! Because as they were making the red carpet rounds at TIFF on a sweltering Tuesday night in Toronto,, while the city blanketed by an unseasonal humidity alert,nfl jerseys 2012 for sale, we were on the back porch, in cotton, enjoying refreshments poured over clinking ice cubes.
But stars don’t sweat right? They glow. And glow they did, even trussed into cocktail dresses and under layers of makeup, hairspray and forced smiles at the step-and-repeat, all so that their producer could sell the movie. The result was a subtle but palpable stickiness and the occasional wan smile. Keanu Reeves, for example, at Man of Tai Chi: the man doesn t really age, does he?

Scarlett Johannson poured herself into an abbreviated black tube dress for Don Jon director and co-star Joseph Gordon-Levitt (in his Sunday best suit; Kardinal Offishall was more tropical weather-appropriate in casual peach and turquoise cottons).

At American Dreams in China, Celina Jade was air-conditioned in cropped and wrapped black satin, too, whereas supermodel-actress Du Juan kept it light in a sleeveless crinkled ivory shirtdress; director Peter Ho-sun Chan obliged from under a suit.

Pocket square, check. Tie bar? Check. To promote his nth TIFF film Kill Your Darlings (he plays Allen Ginsberg), Daniel Radcliffe was as dapper as Don Draper in a maroon suit, with co-star Dane Dehaan (grey with a casual shirt buttoned up to the neck) and Ben Foster, who plays the young William Burroughs. His girlfriend Robin Wright’s casual look �?cigarette pants,discount nike nfl jerseys, sheer filmy blouse and trilby �?was a welcome reminder of the way-back days of the fest, when the stars packed a pair of dress pants, a pair of jeans and a couple of clean shirts for their photo calls, interviews and premieres. Simpler times

But back to the clothes. For the adaption of the novel How I Live Now, Saoirse Ronan was tough in inky-stained pattern sheer silk and a slash of vampy aubergine lipstick.

With several actresses the Tuesday night trend,cheap NBA Jerseys, like the mercury, was red hot. At Tracks, Mia Wasikowska must have rued the stylist who suggested the coral knit dress she was wearing �?but she grinned and bore it (it was fine-gauge knit, even transparent �?but knit nonetheless).

Fellow Australians and Felony co-stars Melissa George and Joel Edgerton worked the carpet. George was the pregnant lady in red to Edgerton’s tall dark and handsome; Jennifer Morrison also wore loose red silk, in a kimono style. We still wonder how Edgerton made it out of Oz and into the big leagues (his directorial feature debut Weirdo was announced during TIFF) without the usual rite of passage: a stint on Home and Away.

We spotted Michael C. Hall, too, and David Arquette obliging photos at Here’s Looking at You Toronto fundraiser. All surely melting, melting, melting into puddles beneath their super 120s. Not that we expected anyone to pack seersucker in case of a heat wave, but it might be the one day we didn’t envy the stars.