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The air pollution challenges the improvement of ultrafine mill technology. In the mining machinery industry, ultrafine grinding line also has a wide range of functions. Superfine grinding ore of ultrafine grinding factory, tailings on powder processing, reduce the waste of resources; the production line adopts crushing equipment and ultrafine grinding scheme of ultrafine grinding, to deal with construction waste, not only reduce construction waste pollution, after the treatment of powder is a good feedstock for producing other industrial products, fully save resources, effectively solve the problem of environmental protection.

The current situation of environmental forcing the development of the environmental protection industry, ultrafine mill manufacturers conform to social development, seize the opportunity and spare no effort to develop and grow, make improvements on its structure, to make their own contribution to the cause of environmental protection.

First of all, the ultrafine grinding powder confidential manufacturer’s manufacturing upgrade, play an important use of cyclone separator, it is the speed of the blade speed according to the finished powder size adjustable. When you want to get more fine-grained powder while improve the blade speed, the blade and the powder contact increases, the substandard particles, was thrown to the outside wall and the airflow from the coarse powder, due to gravity, fall into the grinding chamber for heavy grinding, qualified finished powder with the air inhaled by the blades cyclone collector the powder is collected.

Secondly, manufacturers should strengthen the use of pulse ultrafine mill, cleaning bag filter ash by pulse cleaning method, overcomes the pulse dust remover and sectional reverse blow duster shortcomings, strong cleaning ability, high dust removal efficiency, low emissions, low energy consumption, environmental protection is a powerful guarantee of success.

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