ultrafine mill production line configuration features

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Ultrafine mill is a kind of Ultrafine powder preparation equipment which is widely used in the market. But in the specific production, it is necessary to make reasonable production configuration. The machine provides a reasonable configuration of ultrafine mill production. Ultrafine mill is a kind of fine powder and Ultrafine powder processing equipment, grinding can be Mohs hardness of less than 9 of the non flammable and explosive brittle materials, the grinding materials can be up to more than 200 species, is widely used in mining, construction, metallurgy, cement, chemical and other industries.

ultrafine mill production standard configuration includes: hammer crusher, bucket elevator, storage hopper, feeder, mill host, frequency analysis machine, cyclone dust collector, high pressure wind machine, motor, pipe, dust collector, muffler and electric control cabinet. Users can design and configure the equipment according to their actual needs, and increase or decrease the equipment.

The standard configuration of ultra fine grinding is provided, then we will concretely understand the process flow and configuration characteristics of the configuration.

Ultrafine mill working process:
1.process: bulk materials by hammer crusher to the desired size, by the elevator into the silo, the bulk material feeder feeding fine grinding disc into the upper part of the main internal turntable uniformly continuous on.

2.ultrafine mill configuration features: the production of high efficiency and energy saving, the yield increased by 40%, but reduces energy consumption by 30%; a wide range of product size, the fineness of up to 3000 mesh fineness, and the regulation is very convenient; good environmental protection, sound insulation and good dedusting effect.

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