The Various Research About Magnetic Separator

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Along with the progress and development of science and technology, magnetic separator can just adapt to changing circumstances as long as it is constantly updated, so Shanghai Zenith Mining Machinery Co., LTD has done various research about magnetic material, magnetic field characteristics, structural parameters, frame design, magnetic optimizing system of wet permanent magnetic separator. The main contents are:1.The magnetic materialsWe need to research the magnetic performance of permanent magnetic material with different rare earth, and do some comparative analysis, then we can select the appropriate magnetic materials of wet permanent magnetic separator.2. Magnetic field calculationOf course, we must establish symmetrical round magnetic model, in order to research the variety rule of magnetic field in gold ore crushing screening the different air gap, different position, different paths, so that we can choose the best size parameters of magnetic structure.3. Mechanical structureAccording to different magnetic system structure and different uses, we need the different mechanical structure of magnetic separator. So we need to design the machine structure form which not only is suitable for high strength, but also has large capacity and the effect of sorting on the basis of the barite ore mineral grinding machine magnetic system structure of wet permanent magnetic separator. We should do stress analysis of finite element through the COSMOS finite element analysis software for key components to ensure the reliability and security of parts’ design and use.4. The assembly processThe large permanent magnetic separator need to the larger size and magnetic structure, so we need the special mechanical processing, the bond and the assembly process if we want to make up the larger group of magnetic and magnetic structure, so we can ensure that requirements of cost of table top wet grinder magnetic performance and use about the permanent magnetic separator.5. The simulation optimization system of magnetic system If we use the VB software, ANsys and sQL to develop The simulation optimization system of magnetic system, this can improve the efficiency of magnetic field’s simulation optimization, speed up the research process of permanent magnet magnetic separator.