vertical roller mill by five unique advantages own customer’s praise

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Our company design and production of the new type vertical rolelr mill is widely used in the crushing, drying, grinding, grading conveying in one, the system is simple, compact layout, covers an area of approximately 50% and milling system, open layout, thus reducing the large investment costs. With its own five unique advantages, get the customer’s praise.

First: long service life

Compared with other milling equipment compared to vertical roller mill using advanced milling technology, stable operation, the production process at the same time, the design in the angle of impact crushing cavity transformation, but also can reduce the friction material and wear resistant parts, so as to effectively prolong the service life of the equipment of vertical mill.

Second: good environmental protection

The internal vertical roller mill vortex chamber adopts the unique flow of air circulation device, thereby reducing the discharge volume, which can not only reduce the dust pollution, but also can improve the work efficiency of the milling machinery.

Third: easy maintenance

The traditional mill equipment is provided with an observation that only the back door, and vertical mill in the design of observation door, except in the side also opened the door to observe the repair, also adopts hydraulic drive cover device, which is more conducive to the maintenance and observation of the operation of equipment and so on.

Fourth: large amount of processing

After a deep cavity type rotor structure optimization, the throughput can be improved more than 40%, greatly enhances the vertical mill production capacity; in addition, we will also discharge through a special transformation, can adjust a wider range of particle size, to meet customer and market needs can be better, make it have stronger is the market adaptability.

Fifth: finished grain shape excellent

The finished grain type vertical roller mill grinding work after the excellent quality, strong, flakiness content less, small iron pollution, loved by the majority of users, high market sales. In addition, the equipment is affected by the moisture content of the material is very small, can be applied to more forms of ore material fine sand production operations.

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