Vertical roller mill in cement production line

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Requires the participation of many large machinery and equipment in cement production industry, such as crusher used for crushing materials such as limestone, cement grinding to give material milling, vertical roller mill for desulfurizing agent of mill and ball mill, coal mill and so on other devices. In the above equipment, the company developed the production equipment is mainly vertical mill. It is mainly used for coal mill and coal desulfurization agent production of flour, in order to assist the production of cement.

Vertical roller mill  in the production of flour with high efficiency, low energy consumption, no dust pollution, wear loss is little wait for an advantage. In addition, its vertical structure is relatively simple, small footprint, which also contributed to the user on the goodwill of the products, increased its market share.

Vertical roller mill grinding principle is disc grinding, namely materials are rolled down to machine the material tray and material upper disc grinding roller for rolling mill, finally get the powder material will in wind driven through the powder selecting machine is collected. Vertical milling machine can have many kinds of abrasive materials, such as coal, calcite, talc, fluorite, graphite, quartz, phosphate rock and other, can use this product to grinding. The most important point is that this product can be used for the grinding of coal desulfurization agent, used to flue gas desulfurization, protect the environment.

The process of cement production, first after the crusher for material crushing, and then use the vertical mill to coal and desulfurization agent grinding, then the raw material for cement mill and ball grinding mill mixing, mixed material again after raw material and clinker processing, finally get into cement product.

In the current domestic mining industry in the fierce competition, enterprises in this industry is facing the cost, quality and other aspects of the pressure, and the pressure is the largest to several cement industry. China’s construction industry after more than ten years of rapid development, has become a stable, and even a recession, and the reduction of the number of buildings, but also led to the construction of a direct correlation with the sand production industry, cement production, steel production and other unprecedented challenges. Under the current economic pressure, which enterprises have more advanced equipment, enterprise production of higher quality, enterprise production cost is lower, so the enterprise can grasp the initiative, it will be able to maintain a high economic efficiency under severe economic conditions, and thus gain long-term development.