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Under the increasingly fierce market competition, the cement industry is facing the pressure of quality, cost, technology and other aspects. The latest launch of large vertical roller mill , making the cement industry in our country has reached national standards and quality standards, and create a new concept of industry and cement grinding!

Machine launched a large-scale vertical structure, in combination with the latest grinding technology, but also into the environmental protection and energy saving design concept, with its high efficiency, low power consumption, environmental protection and energy saving, high product quality standards, low wear resistance, low cost and easy to use and maintenance, etc., has been put on the market, and by the majority of users.
Large vertical roller mill used in cement industry, is the need for the development and progress of cement industry in china.

This machine is mainly used for cement, clinker production line, commonly used in fineness requirements for 80-400 objective conditions. And vertical mill is a vertical structure, transmission device drives the transmission device the spindle high-speed rotation, so as to drive the grinding rollers and millstones synchronous rotation, material is fed were spread tray evenly sprinkle to disc, grinding and the friction force and resistance under the action of rotation, into the grinding chamber of the material in the grinding roller and the grinding disc by the rotation of the grinding roller compacted crushed. After repeated rolling into powder like material, from the discharge port is located in the lower part of the discharge.

Vertical mill not only for the cement industry to create a new grinding concept, the machine can Mohs hardness treatment in 7 or less fineness requirements are not higher than 400 different kinds of materials, common in addition to cement, clinker and limestone, gypsum, coal, coal gangue, snakes grain stone, slag, blast furnace slag, talc, calcite, dolomite, marble and fluorite, granite, wollastonite, and so on. Widely used in building materials, metallurgy, chemical, mining, energy, refractories and other industries.