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With the increasing demand for sand and gravel aggregate in the market, the domestic natural sand can not meet the demand of the construction industry, and the demand of artificial sand has increased rapidly. Sand making machine equipment is one of the most advanced mechanism of sand equipment, is the production of high speed railway, high speed railway, high-rise building, municipal, hydropower dam construction, concrete mixing station to provide high quality sand aggregate, is artificial sand and stone plastic equipment. VSI sand making machine equipment can process the mechanism of 0-5mm sand, sand, sand is cubic, granularity is good. VSI sand making machine can also producing and mixing station super fine sand, through select powder machine equipment can select various fineness of super fine sand supply dry mortar plant, asphalt mixing station to use.

Then VSI sand making machine with the choice of powder machine, how to choose it?
VSI sand machine supporting the use of cyclone we recommend professional sand and gravel selection machine for you. The product can be divided into four kinds of different thickness of sand and powder, with the market demand. VSI sand making machine matching selection of powder machine equipment working principle:
The product has a variety of classification system, for the characteristics of sand and gravel, the use of aviation air dynamic analysis method to optimize the material flow field, making the operation of the equipment is significantly reduced, the separation efficiency is high, energy saving is very obvious. The production process of the traditional washing sand and sand separation.

1, V type scatter grading zone has the advantages of simple structure, less material consumption; no electric breaking device, pressure loss is small, stable operation, energy saving.

2, sand and gravel separator classification accuracy

3. The &ldquo of the national patent is obtained from the sand and gravel separator, and the &rdquo of the sand and gravel separator is not rotated, and the gas flow in the rectifier is not rotated, and the material is repeatedly cleaned in the sorting area.

4, simple operation
Cage type rotor with frequency conversion stepless speed regulation. Adjusting range is big, adjustment is convenient, sensitive and reliable.

5, classification efficiency
The breaking selected partition, set apart, multilayer grading plate, repeated, blowing off the beaten, discharged almost no fine powder and coarse powder. Sedimentation grading of the powder in the mouth of the air flow again in the middle of the fine powder blowing, in the middle of the fine powder blown away, the fine powder content in the material also greatly reduced, the cage rotor classification area increased the diversion plate, more accurate, effective.

6, wear resistance parts maintenance workload, long life
The main parts of the sand and gravel selection machine are imported from the wear resistant steel plate, which can effectively improve the service life. The whole machine has a dynamic balance correction, running smoothly in full speed range.

7, the main shaft bearing seal with a new design, effectively improve the service life. The whole machine has a dynamic balance correction, running smoothly in full speed range.

8, the design of sand and gravel on the basis of the machine, the mechanical shock absorption principle, so that the separation of the vibration frequency and the natural frequency of the separator does not form an integer multiple relationship, fundamentally solve the problem of long-term separation of the sorting machine resonance.

9, coarse sand, medium coarse sand pipe and spinning tube adopts double interlocking air valve, greatly reduces the system air leakage rate overcomes the defects before sand powder selecting machine in the operation process of the dust.

10, the system adopts double interlocking air valve and circulating air effectively reduces the air leakage of the system, in the operation of the dust pollution is reduced.