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In recent years, with the continuous development of social science and technology level, mining enterprises to improve the production requirements, mining machine equipment enterprise development and manufacturing technology continues to upgrade, the traditional equipment is eliminated, the new vsi sand making machine with higher mechanical performance and suitable for a more high strength work environment characteristics become widely welcomed by the market, this is the law of mechanical products.

As a leader in the domestic mining machinery industry, particularly in our product research and development is unwilling to fall behind, since the establishment of the early will continue on the technology research and development invested heavily and through technology introduction and independent innovation, and constantly improve the existing mining machinery and equipment quality and improve its performance. In the production of sand machine products, we are in the third generation of sand making machine, the fifth generation of sand making machine foundation, through the improvement of important components, the successful introduction of the sixth generation of sand making machine.

At present the highest performance of a new generation of sand gravel equipment is iron ore, copper ore, pebbles, limestone, granite, steel slag, diabase ideal of sand blasting equipment processing, can be for highway, high-speed railway, high-rise buildings, mixed concrete mixing station to provide high quality sand aggregate. It is widely used in mines, metallurgy, building materials, refractories, railway, water conservancy and other industries to become the sixth generation of sand making machine.

When it comes to the superior performance of our third generation of sand making machine, the third generation of sand making machine in the quarry, stone material factory work, the labor intensity of sand making machine larger, so the choice of stable performance, good wear resistance sand making machine is particularly important, and the sixth generation of sand making machine on the use of the new type of crushing chamber and added a counterweight wheel, improve the power, the crushing efficiency than traditional techniques and equipment for the high 35% – 50%, yield greater. At the same time, the sixth generation of sand making machine shaping effect is very good, the finished sand gradation is reasonable, and adjustable fineness modulus. The most important is the third generation of sand making machine saving energy and reducing consumption in today’s green development of the call, low noise, low vibration, less dust, promote the sustainable development of the sand industry.

Our third generation of sand making machine technology, a leap, once into the market will attract great attention, not only is the high quality of equipment, leading technology and manufacturing process with high quality sand products, but also in the third generation of sand machine reasonable price and enthusiasm, thoughtful, perfect quality service.