“Want to walk

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suddenly cans not move, is sealed a larynx by Xu Luo Yi’s sword!

“The idea is hard, the Nu kills!”A voice with cold Yin rings out.

Xu Luo suddenly stops a body form, in a flash he has a kind of be stared at the last felling by the snake, all over have the 1 F chicken skin pimple.

Almost didn’t hesitate, Xu Luo like a big bird, the Teng gets empty but rises.

The Sou Sou Sou Sou!

A few sad and shrill poles break empty voice suddenly laceration night sky, roar and shout but go to.

Originally several cutthroats that surround to want to round to kill Xu Luo,Womens Air Jordan 4, drive several son arm thick thin heavy Nu, the indiscrimination shoots to kill on the spot, even utter all don’t can utter a word.

“Bastard!The for use by the military weighs Nu ……you very big courage!”Xu Luo suddenly, suddenly and violently drink a , the body is last 1 F cold sweat!

His body form, have a liking for in the night sky go to matchless uncanny, shake light to tread to circulate, the enemy can not catch his trace at all!

Along with he this bellows,Nike Air Max LTD For Sale, there of ripple momentary reaction comes over, harsh voice drink a way:”You dare to use heavy Nu of for use by the military to snipe seven colourful Hous, the general mansion in no case passes you!”

“Walk!”The that Yin cold voice again rings out, but is see a matter can not be, walk extremely simply and neatly!

“Want to walk?Which so easy?”Greatly hate in Xu Luo Xin, for use by the military heavy Nu, for the country of

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