We Should Positively Discover and Solve Problems of Genset

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According to the market demand, it”s no doubt that the diesel generator set has many features. As the standby power, mobile power and self-provided power, the advantages of diesle generator set can not be replaced in short period of time. With the development of human society , there are higher demand for the electricity and increasingly higher requirements on the power supply gurantee.

Compared with its gas counterparts, the diesel generators are much more powerful. Thereby, even the price of diesel generator is more expensive than gasoline generator, more buyers would prefer to choose it. When it comes to the portable diesel generator, it is much cheaper. During its long service life, operators need to know how to troubleshoot the machine bu themself.

While the diesel generator could not be operated properly, operators need to stop the machine and wait a few minutes to let it cool down. Then they could inspect the fuel levels. Make sure that the fuel they feed into the machine is the right type. The wrong type of diesel generator would damage the machine. If the generator could not be able to crank, operator would have to replace the fuse.

The battery needs to be removed and replace it with a new one if it is damaged. If the diesel generator could not start but it could crack, operators should check the battery posts for corrosion. Maybe there are some corrosion and operators need to clean it away before trying to start the machine again. At the same time, they need to make sure that the throttle is in the right position. The fuel contained in the tank of portable diesel generator should not be stored for too much time. Generally, the diesel fuel need to be replaced while it has been kept in the tank for more than one month. Drain the fuel tank and feed it with the new fuel before starting the machine.