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Sand making machine introduced from abroad, from single design concept and part of the type, to the development of advanced technology, type variety, and already to realize good situation of production and application of large-scale and heavy-duty, but there is still a gap in the research and application of sand making machine of wearing parts of the equipment and the foreign famous enterprises in terms of price advantage, the quality and property of,domestic enterprises have made great achievements, have begun to actively participate in international market competition.

The third generation of sand making machine is the domestic in the introduction of international advanced theory and technology of crushing machine, combined with the actual situation of the domestic system of sand production, research and development of a new system sand equipment with the domestic, international, the leading level. The device has the characteristics of high efficiency, wear resistance, finished product size stability, will be following the working principle of the third generation of sand making machine to expound in detail.

The work of sand making machine, massive ore is composed of a feed hopper fall on the crushing cavity on the feed throwing tray, will cast the material to the inner wall of the barrel body by the centrifugal force of the feed throwing tray, violent collision and impact plate installed on the inner wall of the material, at the same time crash into each other, which produce large amounts of hair broken or crack, then the material into the conical rotor cavity,a spiral of falling in the conical space, by stamping, extrusion, make have cracks is further broken ore. The conical rotor and lining between the inclination, prompting the smaller downward migration to the material, from large to small automatically grading crusher.Materials by the hammer in the cone rotor cavity blow, high-speed operation block again and impact plate collision, collision causes the material to material flow by the blow, impact, shear,extrusion and grinding, so as to improve the efficiency of crushing. The conical rotor cavity from falling into the lower crushing cavity material, by centrifugal force to the material throwing disc materials will further broken into small particles. Material finally enters the cylindrical rotor cavity, grinding to have been broken material, causes the material to further fine, until it is broken into the required size.

Now, in addition to the use of ore direct preparation of artificial sand, also can be directly prepared sand using metal ores and tailings, greatly expanding the sources of artificial sand,also on the resources fully utilization and mining, previously, the majority of tailings abandoned, not only occupies a land area of, also lost value, tail mine now, comprehensive the use of the concept and practice have win support among the people, how to make use of waste resources more neglected, will study is mine equipment issue worthy of attention.

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