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Vibrating screen in twenty years of vibration sieve design experience on the basis, combined with the advanced vibration sieve manufacturing technology development success of high strength induced vibration of high YKN vibrating screen in synthesis of  suitable for treating all kinds of ore, rock, etc., which contains no more than 5%, block size, bulk density, and is mainly used in the screening of building materials, mining, chemical, cement and other industrial sectors.

High vibration high strength vibration sieve. Is suitable for the treatment of large size, bulk density of ore, such as in the production of stone, metal mines and other conditions of application, in the application of many years of continuous improvement of mature products.

YKN Vibrating Screen Performance Features:

1, the exciter using external eccentric block structure, each board vibrator generated together through the center of a lateral plate, side plates and sieve box overall by force greatly improved. Than the shaft eccentric vibrator assembly and disassembly is convenient, easy maintenance.

2, the vibration device between the universal joint, with the use of flexible installation and replacement of the characteristics.

3, the whole plate bending element, not easy to produce welding crack.

4, YKN series vibrating screen motor is through the triangle belt and middle mounted in the bearing seat shaft coupling within the transmission, the intermediate shaft through the flexible coupling and the vibration device connection. The vibrating screen is not affected by the tension of the triangle, and the operation is more stable.

5, the motor and the vibration device is connected with the flexible coupling, so that the torque transmission without axial force transmission, so that the screen machine running more stable

6, YKN series of large-scale vibrating screen with the international advanced level of the synchronous toothed belt structure, compared with the gear, light weight, easy maintenance.

7, for large particle size screening, bulk density, material layer thickness is used can give priority to the use of high strength polyurethane block mesh.

8, the vibration device by adjusting the number of the eccentric block, it can meet the requirements of different exciting force, adapt to the need of different amplitude.

9, using the finite element analysis technology to optimize the screen box.